The Best Crafts

Are those inspired by wine and done with good Friends.

My plan to do a late night craft series originated from my need to get things done in the middle of the night…when I didn’t have a million (ok fine, 3) children running around the house in constant need of my love and attention (I know someday I’ll miss this…right?). 

But it all came to fruition one night when my friend Beth texted me at 8 pm to say that she had planned to go out - but her plans got canceled and she was already wearing makeup so we should do something. I mean really, you can’t waste away a night when you took the time to put on makeup!

But….I told her instead of going out…she should come over and make a DIY tutorial with me over a bottle (or maybe a box) of wine.

And that was how our Ruth Bader Ginsburg Elf on The Shelf, aka Elf Bader Ginsburg was born.

Of course after a million wine puns, a similar number of elf puns and a box of wine - we knew we would be making this a regular event.

We are inspired by some of the greatest women in history (and of course if their attire is recognizable enough for a craft!). And few women, if any, will ever top our love for the RBG herself.

But who knows what our next box of wine has in store for us!

Check out all of our projects below!

Two Girls with Wine and Scissors - An Ongoing Series

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Here is the project that started it all!


Ash and Beth

Two Girls with Wine and Scissors

Two Girls with Wine and Scissors