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Amelia EarHEART Wine Box Tote: Because When You Love Your Friends You Bring Them a Whole Box of Wine

Make a tote for a whole box of wine in the image of Amelia Earhart…or should we say, Amelia EarHEART! This is the definitely the best way to show up at any party.

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DIY Valentine For Your Galentine: A Ruth Bader Ginsburg Coffee Cozy

Learn how to make a DIY valentine for your galentine. This Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dissent Collar Coffee Cozy will make your best girlfriend know what an inspiration she is to you! Happy Valentine's Day to all the strong women out there!

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DIY Pom Poms: The Perfect Way to Adorn a Present

This is the easiest and fastest way to make your own pom poms! Here is the step by step process for making pom poms out of yarn. Make your presents the most beautiful presents anyone receives!

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