Crocheted Bohemian Cross Body Bag: The Perfect Summer Crochet Project

I love purses and bags almost as much as I love to crochet, so what better project to design than a bohemian cross body bag (with fringe)!\

If you have been watching my channel or following this blog (which I hope you have!), you probably know that I have spent all winter making cozy home decor projects. But the closer we get to summer - the more excited I am to make fun summer apparel and accessories.

I can already see myself going straight from the pool out to drinks with my girlfriends while wearing the bag I’m going to show you how to make today!

styling a crocheted cross body bag.jpg

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Projects like these are way easier to show you how to do than tell you how to do, so head over to youtube and watch the entire tutorial!

Here is what you are going to need for today’s project:

  • One skein of A medium weight 100% cotton yarn in the color of your choice. I’m going with black this time!

  • A medium sized crochet hook like H.

  • A quarter of a yard of coordinating linen fabric (actually much less but I never buy less than a quarter at a time!)

Constructing the bag:

The main component of this bag is a granny square. And you can honesty use any granny square pattern you want- or follow along we me as I show you my version of a willow square.

Willow Granny Square:

Ch-5, join the last chain to the first chain with a slip knot

R1: Ch-3. 15DC around the chained circle (your first Ch-3 will count as the one of the 16 DC for your next round), sl st into the top of your beginning chain

R2: Ch-3, *Ch-1, DC in next stitch (do not skip a stitch because of the extra chain)*, sl st into the 3rd chain in your beginning chain (just as with any circle, your second row needs to double the number of stitches from the first round. This is accomplished in this case by doing a double crochet and a chain for every double crochet you had in the previous round) End with 32 . Learn more about how to crochet circles that stay flat, check out my this tutorial here.

R3: Ch-3, 2DC in chain space, 1 DC in space made from the DC in the row below, sl st into the top of the beginning chain. End with 48

Now the circle will start to square off beginning in the next round.

R4: *Ch-5, sk 2sts, SC into 3rd st, Ch-3, sk 2 sts, SC into 3rd st, Ch-4, sk 2sts, SC into 3rd st, Ch-3, sk 2 sts, SC into 3rd st* repeat 4 times with each sequence becoming one side of the square with each Ch-5 spot acting as a corner.

R5: Ch-3, *5DC in Ch-5 space, Ch-3, 5DC in same Ch-5 space, SC in Ch-3 space, 7DC in Ch-4 space, Sc in Ch-3 space* repeat 4 times, slp st into the top of the first chain

Willow Granny Square after R5

Willow Granny Square after R5

R6: Ch-2, *Ch-4, SC into the chain space that is making the corner, Ch-3, SC into same corner chain, Ch-4, DC into the SC from the row below, Ch-3, SC into 4th st (should be the middle of the arch of 7DC from the row below), Ch-3, DC into the SC from the row below*, repeat 4 times, slp st into the 2nd chain from the bottom in the chain that started this round

R7: Slp St into the Chain 4 to get a fresh start, Ch 3, 4DC, *3DC in corner chain, Ch-3, 3DC in same st, 5DC in next Ch-4 space, 3DC in next Ch-3 space, 3DC in next Ch-3 space, 5DC in next Ch-4 space* repeat 3 times, 3DC in corner chain, Ch-3, 3DC in same st, 5DC in next Ch-4 space, 3DC in next Ch-3 space, 3DC in next Ch-3 space, slp st into the top of the chain that started this round.


Completed Willow Granny Square

Completed Willow Granny Square

Finish crocheting your bag:

Once your square is complete all you need to do is choose one side of the square as the top of your bag and then continue crocheting on that side to lengthen your bag. I’m doing an easy two rounds of double crochet followed by a row of my favorite bubble stitch, a row of single crochet and another row of double crochets.

If you want to see more about how to complete single or double crochets then check out this tutorial. And do see how to complete the bubble stitch, check out this tutorial.

Make two sets of this so that you have a back and a front to your bag and then sew the sides and bottom together with yarn and a tapestry needle.

Lining your bag:

Now to make sure my lip gloss and well lets be honest - the crochet hook I always have with me- doesn’t fall out if my bag while I’m out and about loving my summer - I’m going to do a super easy linen  lining in black linen.

My bag measures 8 inches wide and 10 inches tall so I am cutting two pieces of black linen in 8” x 10”. Once the seam allowances are accounted for this will give me a lining that is just slightly smaller than my bag itself.

Sew your lining pieces together on three sides leaving a gap on one side to be able to turn your crocheted bag through. It is a good idea to use an overlocking stitch or some fray check on the edges since the exterior layer of your bag is crocheted and therefore does have holes in it!

With your lining wrong sides facing out and your crocheted bag right sides facing out, insert your crocheted exterior into the linen lining. This is a bit cumbersome to tackle because of the thickness of the crocheted pieces but it will work!

Next sew all the way around the top edge of your bag to sew the lining piece to the crocheted piece. I used a walking foot since my crocheted pieces were so thick but you should be able to get through with a regular presser foot too.

I am using a walking foot to help facilitate the sewing process since my crochet pieces are so thick!

I am using a walking foot to help facilitate the sewing process since my crochet pieces are so thick!


Now pull the crocheted part through the gap that you left in in your lining, and then turn the lining so that the right sides are together again and push the lining down back down into your bag.

I know that sounds pretty confusing….but GO WATCH THE TUTORIAL and you will see how easy it is!

Now it is time for my favorite part: THE FRINGE

I cut 8 inch strands of my yarn to make my fringe. Take two pieces at a time and fold them in half. Insert your crochet hook into the loops at the bottom of your bag, hook on to the fold of your yarn strands and pull them through. Now pull the loose tails down and through the loop and tighten.

Go all the way across your bag like that and when you are done, trim up the bottom so that it is nice and even and then separate out the strands of yarn to give your fringe a fuller effect.

crocheted bohemian cross body bag.jpg

The Strap:

I’m crocheting my strap to match my bag. I’m doing it with a single crochet so that it is a little bit denser than my bag and doesn’t stretch as much when hanging over my shoulder. I measured the strap on one of my favorite existing bags to know that I want my strap to be4 3 inches long and crocheted my strap to match. Attach it with yarn and a tapestry needle and you are done!

Leave me a comment below to let me know if you have any other ideas for crochet projects that are perfect for styling your summer. And if you were waiting to see if you really liked this project as much as I said you were going to before committing to subscribing to my channel - well then I hope you do that now too.

Come back soon for your most stylish summer yet.



bohemian cross body bag.JPG

This is actually the perfect size for a couple mommy juice boxes of wine..