Magnolia Market DIY Throw Pillow: Modern Farmhouse Decor

This is going to help you hack one of the biggest design trends of the moment ....and it will save you a lot of money!

DIY Magnolia Market Embroidered Pillow

DIY Magnolia Market Embroidered Pillow

In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a modern embroidered pillow with tassels that will only cost you about $10. (And it is inspired by this $119 pillow available at Magnolia Market!)


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Modern Farmhouse is one the trends of the moments. It’s made up of mix of rustic, bohemian, and lived in- yet modern pieces. I am personally a huge mid century modern fan and you can see a lot of mid century elements in this design style too.

Even if you have never embroidered - stay with me- This pillow is incredibly easy- it uses just one stitch.

And ... as we go I am also going to be giving you my pro tips on how to incorporate these trends without dating your interior design - and stay tuned to the very end where I will share with you - my number 1 interior design lesson to live by.

Let’s get started:

I’m making my pillow out of canvas. You can use any material you want - but make sure it’s a fabric with no stretch. If you want more about that and my 5 top embroidery tips for beginners!

I have a pillow form that is 16 x 20 so I cut two pieces of canvas that were about 18 x 22. I always cut my pieces a little larger than I need to when I’m embroidering a piece like this so that when I’m done I can recenter the design and trim the edges.

One of the big design components you are going to see in anything from Magnolia Market, or for that matter, West Elm, CB2, Restoration Hardware - is geometric patterns.

And this is not something that the Modern Farmhouse trend or Joanna Gaines invented. Geometric patterns have been a huge part of architecture and Interior Design ForEver.

Which brings me to my 1st design tip for designing with hot trends.

Focus on the components of the trends that are timeless.  Geometric patterns will never go out of style so they are a GREAT thing to steal from a hot trend. However....words and fonts are the fastest trends to die.

Remember the good old Live Laugh Love? If you have that on your wall I’m pretty sure you put it up in the early 2000s - or you are stuck in the early 2000s. Maybe your kitchen still has a Tuscan theme too???

So DO make a modern farmhouse inspired design pillow designed with geometric patterns that can adapt to future trends.

Don’t make a pillow with the word “gather” in a bounce script. That trend will die and you won’t be able to adapt that piece into the next trend you love.

magnolia market inspired embroidered pillow with tassels.jpg

While I love the pattern on the inspiration pillow, I felt like making this my own so created a pattern out of layered repeating triangles.

triangle embroidery.jpg

Feel free tp print this image and use it for your pillow!

You could also take a bowl and trace it in overlapping circles! Or draw a diamond shape with grid lines through it to look more like the inspiration piece. Use my design or make it your own!

To transfer the pattern to the fabric, I am traced it onto a piece of water dissolvable stabilizer. This is a great way to transfer embroidery designs to fabric because when you are done all you have to do is wash the stabilizer off!

For both my embroidery work on the pillow and my tassels, I’m using teal colored DMC 924, 926 and 927 and 939.

And here is my 2nd design tip for designing with hot trends.

Don’t overuse any one color in your interior design. I like to keep a neutral base of classic whites, greys, tans, browns and blacks and then add in a variety of colors that are trendy BUT diluted by being surrounded by enough variation.

I remember my high school years being dominated by hunter green and burgundy. And if you put up hunter green curtains and bought a burgundy rug - you took it too far and if you still have it - you shouldn’t have people over...

Time to get back to my DIY Pillow, but first, if you like hearing my design tips during these tutorials leave me a comment below. But if you hate them, well tell me that too!

I am a huge fan of gradients - or what some people like to call ombré ... so I’m doing my pillow in a gradient from darkest to lightest.

magnolia market throw pillow hack with tassels.jpg

I mentioned this embroidery is super easy - it’s all one stitch - the heavy chain stitch. I’m not going to lie- I started out doing a Hungarian braised stitch- and I kept messing up - over and over and over again. So then I switched to a heavy chain stitch which is one of the easiest stitches ever and it saves my sanity. To see how to do a heavy chain stitch, watch my complete video tutorial on my YouTube channel.

This project is super easy- but it is a time consuming so go find a comfy chair, throw in a movie and embroider away. For me, this is a really good project because I have a REALLY hard time letting myself take time to relax. I always want to maximize every minute - so being forced to sit and chill with the family in the evenings while I work on an embroidery piece is really good for me.

If you like finding ways to use embroidery in your home decor, check out the tutorial I made on this embroidered pillow, based on one of my husband’s drawings from architecture school.

These projects also tend to have a way of working themselves into my social time... ask any of my friends and they will tell you how embarrassing I am when I pull an embroidery project or a crochet project out at the bar...


I gotta get stuff done! I can drink and stitch!

Once your embroidery is complete, remove the stabilizer, make sure your design is centered where you want it, trim up the edges and sew it right sides together  leaving  an opening big enough to stuff your pillow form, flip it right side out and iron it. Now you are ready to attach the tassels.

Quick side note on the sewing - Sewing is easy - I promise - but if you really think you can’t - canvas is a great material to hot glue - you can iron your seems inward and glue the pillow together - if you need to.

To make my tassels I’m using a 100% cotton yarn in a similar teal color to my embroidery work. You can either use yarn or you can just use embroidery floss too but it will take quite a bit of embroidery floss to get the thickness you need to match the look of our inspiration pillow.

I’m just using my hand to wrap my yarn around. You can also use a piece of cardboard or a book. I actually found that for this project my cellphone was a perfect size too.

I’m going to go around 40 times with my yarn and then slip it off of my hand. Now I’m going to take a piece of my embroidery floss (because this will be used to attach my tassel to my pillow), and I’m going to pull it through my loop and tie it in a double knot.

Cut through the loops on the other end to create your tassel fringe.

Now take an extra piece of yarn and wrap it around your tassel a little ways down from the top. I like to double knot mine and then go around again and double knot it one more time.

Trim off the extra pieces and trim across the bottom and you are done!

To attach the tassels to my pillow I simply took the embroidery floss that I used to tie my tassel together and I thread it through a needle and sewed one tassel to each corner. Easy.

If you love tassels, check out my Pottery Barn Inspired Oversized Tassel Garland tutorial.

Now all you have to do is stuff your pillow form in and sew up the last gap.

And here it is! My Mongolia Market Inspired Throw Pillow.

diy magnolia market throw pillow.jpg

It has some great basic design components with a neutral and natural fabric, a geometric pattern and a touch of a color that while trendy isn’t dominating my home’s decor. And these tassels... give it a great bohemian chic vibe - but would be easy to cut off when that trend dies.

If you liked this tutorial don’t forget to my channel because I have more great modern DIY projects hacked from your favorite stores coming your way soon.

And leave me a comment below if there is a design piece you love that you want me to create a tutorial about so that you can make it yourself!

And finally - as promised- one of my top interior design rules to live by.

As soon as trend is lining the shelves of Target. It’s on its way out so remember my tips from earlier in this tutorial - and choose wisely.

I love target as much as the next person but what I mean by this is that at this point the trend is definitely hitting the masses and available to everyone- which means it’s only a matter of time until it’s completely overdone and it will be time to move on to the next trend.

I hope to see you soon! Cheers!

magnolia market diy pillow.jpg