Crochet a Frida Kahlo Plant Cozy

It is almost Valentine’s Day and I am obsessed with making Galentine’s gifts inspired by my favorite women icons for my girlfriends! (check out the RBG coffee cozy I already made!) Soooo…I crocheted this Frida Kahlo Plant cozy…

Crocheted Frída Kahlo Plant Cozy

Crocheted Frída Kahlo Plant Cozy

Because plants need to stay warm in the winter??

But in all reality, I think that projects inspired by the amazing women icons that I admire add a great, empowered vibe to my house. (And it is a great way to pique the interest of my daughter and her friends!)

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Here is the pattern for the Frida Kahlo Plant Cozy:


Size H Crochet Hook

  • white/cream/tan yarn (what ever fits your decor!). I used Red Heart with Love Yarn that I purchased at Joanne’s. It is your average cheap craft yarn - weight category , 100% acrylic. I didn’t take the time to see exactly how much yarn I used - but it wasn’t even close to an entire skein of yarn. (The flowers are all colors that I already have for the temperature blanket I am making.)

  • variety of yarn colors for your flowers and the bubble stitch boarder at the bottom of the cozy. I used, Red, Aqua, Yellow, Purple and Green.

  • black yarn and a yarn needle to sew on Frida’s iconic eyebrows and eyes.

  • and of course….a plant and a pot!

I am using a terra cotta pot that has a diameter of 5 inches across the bottom and a height of 6 inches, but this pattern is really easy to adapt to any size pot! For example, if you have a smaller pot, you might need to stop increasing your round after 40 double crochets or if you have a bigger pot you might have to go an extra round or two past where I ended my base. To learn more about the math behind crocheting circles and how to build a circle pattern - check back soon because I am working on that tutorial now! And if your pot is shorter than mine, just don’t go up the sides with as many rows! Easy. Promise.

Pattern Abbreviations:

Ch-# = chain that # of stitches

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

dc = double crochet

st or sts = stitch or stitches

sl st = slip stitch

Pattern Notes:

Most of my pattern is comprised of basic crochet stitches: chains, single crochets and double crochets. But I have thrown a couple extra stitches in for fun. These are optional and you can definitely skip them if you want to keep this project at a more beginner level. I have notes in the pattern below indicating how to skip these stitches.

They will be referenced later but here they are in detail:

Bubble Stitch: Begin with a double crochet (dc) into your stitch - but only pull through the first two loops (leaving two loops on your hook), yarn over and start another dc- again only pulling through the first two loops. Do this 3 more times to end with a total of 5 dc in your stitch and 6 loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all 6 loops. 

Moss Stitch: Row 1: Chain 2, *skip 1 st, sc in next stitch, ch-1*, repeat to end. Join with sl st to top of chain.
Row 2: Sc in next ch-sp. *ch-1, sc in next ch-sp* repeat to end, ending by joining the first sc of that row with a sl st.

More on that later….

Let’s get started on the pattern! We will begin with the base of our plant cozy and a magic loop. I am working on a tutorial that brings you more detail on the magic loop but if you aren’t sure how to do one yet - make sure you head over to the video tutorial to see it in action.

One last thing: in this pattern, every round starts with the first crochet in the same loop as the chain.

Plant Cozy Pattern:

R1: Magic Circle, Ch-2, dc 10 times in circle. Join with sl st to top of first dc. (10)

R2: Ch-2, 2dc in each st. Join with sl st to top of first dc. (20)

R3: Ch-2, *2dc in first st, 1dc in next st* repeat around. Join with sl st to top of first dc. (30)

R4: Ch-2, *2dc in first st, 1dc in next 2 sts* repeat around. Join with sl st to top of first dc. (40)

R 5: Ch-2, *2dc in first st, 1dc in next 3 sts* repeat around. Join with sl st to top of first dc. (50)

R6: Ch-2, *2dc in first st, 1dc in next 4 sts* repeat around. Join with sl st to top of first dc. (60)

R7: Ch-1, 1sc in each stitch in the back loops only.  Join with sl st to top of first sc. (60) (this is what gives the bottom of the cozy a nice clean edge!)

R8: Ch-2, 1dc in each stitch. Join with sl st to top of first dc. (60)

R9: Ch-1, *1sc in next 5 sts, 1 bubble stitch*  Join with sl st to top of first sc. (60) *note, because I ended my base at 60 stitches, I chose to do the bubble stitches and single crochets in an increment of 6 so that I would come out even in my round. If you ended your base at 70 stitches I would recommend doing a pattern that is divisible by 7 instead.

If you don’t want to try the bubble stitch, feel free to replace R9 with a round of double single crochets.

R10-20: Moss Stitch (See Pattern Notes above).

If you want to skip the moss stitch you can replace these rows with either 10 rows of single crochets or 5 rows of double crochets.

Plant Cozy before adding flowers, eyebrows and eyes.

Plant Cozy before adding flowers, eyebrows and eyes.

Crochet Flower.jpg

Frida Flower Pattern:

R1: Slip Knot, Ch-29.

R2: SC into the second chain from your hook and single crochet into the next stitch until the end of the row. Turn your work.(28)

R3: Ch-2 (acts as first dc in first flower petal), 4dc in same st, *1sc in next st, 5dc in next st* repeat 4 times, *1sc in next st, 5hdc in next st* repeat 5 times, *1sc in next st, 5sc in next st* repeat 4 times (to the end of the row), tie off leaving and cut leaving a long end.

Starting at the small petal side, roll your flower up while keeping the base of the flower pretty flat. Use your hook or a yarn needle to weave the end of your yarn in and out of the flower as you roll it up to secure it. Tie off and once you have enough flowers (my cozy used 10 flowers), start tying them on to the top of your plant cozy.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the pattern on these flowers. I think adjusting the pattern a little to make some of the flowers a little differently sized adds a very Frida quality. For example, to make a slightly bigger flower you can try starting with triple crochets or half triple crochets!

Now that your flowers are sewn on to your plant cozy, all there is left to do is add her iconic eyebrows and her eyes. I used black yarn and a yarn needle and added these features by eyeballing it. Frida herself didn’t create perfection in her art…so why should I?? BUT….if you are having troubles with this step, try drawing one one eye and eyebrow (or in Frida’s case- half her eyebrow) on tracing paper. Fold the tracing paper in half so that you can trace the eyebrow and eye onto the the other side. This will give you a perfectly symmetrical pattern that you can then pin on your cozy to use as a guide. (For more great pattern tips and measuring hacks check out my tutorial here).

And here is Frida keeping one of my thyme topiaries warm. It’s about thyme Frida!

And if you love this plant cozy, you will love making a coordinating cozy. To make this cozy simply follow the pattern for the Frida Plant Cozy and after the first row of bubble stitches simply do a row of double crochets followed by another row of bubble stitches and repeat until the cozy is tall enough for your plant. I think it looks especially nice in a gradient!

crochet plant cozy with gradient bubble stitch.jpg

Let me know in the comments below if you have any crochet project inspiration that you want me to make a tutorial about!