Pottery Barn Hack: DIY Tassel Garland (and save $60!!)

If you are considering paying $79 for a tassel garland like this from pottery barn…

The Pottery Barn Oversized Garland that is the inspiration for my tassel garland tutorial.

The Pottery Barn Oversized Garland that is the inspiration for my tassel garland tutorial.

Then you are crazy…

Because I can show you how to make this garland for less than $10!

Pottery Barn Inspired Oversized Tassel Garland

Pottery Barn Inspired Oversized Tassel Garland


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In my opinion these tassels look better - and more like Pottery Barn’s when you use yarn/thread that is made from 100% cotton. This crochet thread is perfect for this project and if you grab it on sale (like I did) you can get it for under $2 a skein (yay Hobby Lobby 40% coupon!).

I am following the inspiration colors of the Pottery Barn inspiration garland by using the pink and whites, but I think this garland would also look great if you replaced the pink with a mint or teal thread, black thread or used all neutral colors.

To make my tassels, I used a Llama Llama board book that I had laying around in the circus of my house. The tassels in my inspiration garland are listed as 9 inches long and 1 inch wide. The book I am using is 7 inches long. Anything in that range of 7-9 inches will work great. To get the 1 inch width of each tassel, I wrapped my thread around by book 80 times.

DIY Tassel Tutorial.jpg

Design Hacker Pro Tip

Never skimp on the amount of fabric or thread. High end pieces often represent the luxuriousness of their brand through their volume and scale. When in doubt, go bigger, fuller and grander.

I know sometimes it is tempting to skimp on the materials needed to DIY. You would only have to buy half as much crochet thread if you only wrapped your thread around 40 times. Don’t do it. If you want your design hack to look like the inspiration piece, never skimp on the scale of the project.

Once you have your thread wrapped around 80 times, slip it off of your book or whatever you are using to to make your tassels, and then take a piece of your white thread that is about a foot long and pull it through your loop. Secure it with a double knot on one end, leaving a long tail on the other end to attach to your main garland string. This will be more than you need for the length of your total garland piece, but will give you a nice amount of wiggle room when you are assembling your piece.

I am using my antique white thread to secure all of my tassels regardless of the tassel color because it gives my overall piece continuity and also pulls from the inspiration of the original inspiration garland.

Now cut through the loops on the other end of your tassel to create the tassel fringe.

Smooth out the thread by combing through it with your fingers and then use a piece of the white thread to tie your tassel together about a half inch from the top. I like to wrap my thread around my tassel, knot it, wrap it around a couple more times and the knot it one more time.

Cut off the loose ends and then trim across the bottom of your tassel. Don’t spend too much time trimming your tassels as you can tidy them up again once they are hanging in your garland.

And that is how you make a tassel!

My inspiration piece looks like it has about 35 tassels. You can make as many as you want to fill the space you will be decorating with your garland.

Cut a piece of antique white thread that is about 48 inches long. This is longer than you will need, but will make it easier to make sure your garland is evenly centered when you are finished.

pottery barn dupe tassel garland.jpg

To tie it all together, you are simply going to string your wooden beads on the white thread and then tie a tassel between each wooden bead. The inspiration piece has tassels at varying lengths so I tied mine at varying lengths as well. PLUS it is a lot easier than trying to hang them all at the same length!

Here is my finished garland! It was easy and quick to make. I think it looks just as lovely as the Pottery Barn inspiration garland and I saved over $60!!

My Pottery Barn Inspired Oversized Tassel Garland

My Pottery Barn Inspired Oversized Tassel Garland

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