Amelia EarHEART Wine Box Tote: Because When You Love Your Friends You Bring Them a Whole Box of Wine

Happy Valentine’s Day! Just kidding… Happy 2 days after Valentine’s Day!

This post was actually meant to accompany my GALENTINE’S DAY youtube tutorial on our Amelia EarHEART Wine Box Tote…but it just never happened. Valentine’s day for me these days is all about helping kids make valentine boxes, helping to make custom valentines to hand out to their classmates and planning school valentine’s parties…which means this poor little blog post just had to wait.

But I am here now and ready to show you how to make your own Amelia EarHEART Wine Box Tote.

Because, if you love your friends, you bring them a whole box of wine…not just a bottle!

First…if you haven’t already, head over to my channel to watch Beth and I show you (kind of) how to make this tote. I had to remake it after I gave Beth far too much wine influenced discretion (winescretion??) but the real magic of Galentine’s day is hanging out with your best gal pals and we definitely had fun creating this gem so it was worth the redo!

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Now that you are back, I am going to skip right over the multiple winespired instructions we gave in the video tutorial and get right to the details for how make this wine box tote.


  • 4 pieces of brown 9x12 in craft felt. (One for the back of the bag, one to make the aviator jacket, one for the hat and one for the bottom of the bag.)

  • 1 piece of cream/tan 9x12in craft felt. (Front of the bag)

  • 1 piece of white 9x12. (For the interior of the aviator jacket)

  • 1 piece of tan/light brown felt. (Base of aviator goggles)

  • scraps of black felt and grey felt for remaining goggle pieces

  • cream yarn to crochet the scarf (cream felt would work perfectly fine if you don’t want to go way overboard and crochet this like I did!). We also used cream yarn to make the handle for the bag.

  • cream/tan/brown embroidery thread and an embroidery needle (or a needle with a large eye hole).

  • 2 boxes of wine. (One to drink while you craft and one to give with the wine tote!)


Step One: Create the Tote

Take one piece of brown felt and your piece of tan felt. Cut one inch off of one of the short sides of each of your pieces of felt. You should now have both a brown and tan piece that are 9 x 11 in.

For tips and hacks on how I mark and measure my materials, check out this tutorial.

Now you are going to sew the two pieces together along each of the short sides. You can use a sewing machine if you want, but for the purposes of this tutorial we decided it sew it by hand to make sure that really ANYONE can make this.

My favorite trick when hand sewing is to take a marker and a ruler and mark whatever increment i want between my stitches on my finger to use as a guide when I sew. For this tote, I marked a 1/2 inch mark on my finger.

Once you have sewn the two sides together, it is time to attach the bottom piece.

Cut a 5 1/4inch square out of another piece of brown felt.

Then simply start by lining one edge of the felt up to one edge of the side of your bag. Your square piece isn’t as long as your side piece since you only have two sides of your bag so center the edge of your square piece on the center of the edge of one of your square pieces. Sew the first side on and then when you get to the corner of your square, continue to sew that same side on and it will begin to form the square bottom of your side. Once you reach the second side of your fabric, just continue sewing all the way around until the entire bottom of the bag is secured to the two sides. You can see in my photo below that our wine sewing isn’t very great, but that’s ok because most people who see this bag will also be drinking wine!

Bottom of our Amelia EarHEART Wine Box Tote

Bottom of our Amelia EarHEART Wine Box Tote

Now that you have the main bag done, it is time for the fun part: the Amelia accents!

Step 2: Create the Hat and Goggles

To start with I drew a pair of goggles and a hat out using the method I most often use when drawing a pattern, which is to draw half of it out on tracing paper, fold the tracing paper over and trace the second side. That way I always get a perfectly symmetrical pattern. You can see more of my pattern making process here.

But if you don’t want to draw your own hat and aviator googles out, feel free to trace mine!

Amelia EarHEART Pattern for Aviator Goggles and Hat

Amelia EarHEART Pattern for Aviator Goggles and Hat

This will be to scale printed on a 9 x 12 in piece of paper and will fit perfectly on your felt piece.

Since this pattern includes all of the pieces you need for the goggles and the hat, start by cutting the biggest piece out first and move in on your pattern as you go.

Pin your pattern to a piece of 9 x 12 inch brown felt and cut around the hat. Now you can around the goggles on your pattern if you would like to make it easier.

Pin the entire goggle piece to your piece of light brow felt and cut around your pattern.

Then use the larger round shape to cut out two pieces of grey felt and the smaller round shape to cut out two pieces of black felt.

Use hot glue to glue the black piece onto the grey piece and then the grey pieces onto the light brown goggle piece.

Center the goggles over the hat shape as shown in the drawing and glue the entire goggle piece down.

Now lay your hat and goggle component on to the top of the tan side of your wine tote and glue it into place (but don’t glue the ear flaps down! You want to be able to pull them over the scarf and jacket when you are done!). You will see about 2 3/4 inches of the hat at it’s tallest point over the wine bag (but this isn’t a science - you can do it any way you want!)

Amelia EarHEART Wine Box Tote

Amelia EarHEART Wine Box Tote

Step 3: Create the Bomber Jacket

This is ridiculously easy. Seriously.

Take a piece of brown felt, fold it in half so the short sides are touching and cut it along the fold. Do the same thing to your piece of white felt. Use hot glue to adhere the each of the white pieces of felt to a brown piece of felt - just matching the edges up exactly as they fit.

Lay each of your two pieces so that the white side is down and the pieces meet in the middle. I did mine with the short side lined up along the base of the tote and the long side lined up with the edge of the cream felt on edge and adjacent to your other “bomber” piece in the middle. Glue your pieces down so they they can be folded down to make your collar. That is it!

Step 4: Create the Scarf

Because I am crazy, I decided to crochet Amelia’s scarf. This really isn’t necessary. you could easily cut the scarf out of felt. For reference if you are going to make your scarf out of felt, my crocheted scarf measures about 38 inches long and almost 5 inches wide. If you do make it out of felt, make sure you cut the ends to have fringe!

Here is the pattern I used to crochet my scarf:

Chain 22, turn Double Crochet (DC) into the second chain from the hook, "*chain one, skip the next stitch, DC in the next stitch” repeat across to finish your row, turn, chain 2, DC into the chain of the row below, *chain 1, DC into the next chain in the row below*

Repeat until your scarf is your desired length! My scarf is 65 rows of DC.

Finish it off with fringe at each end and tie it around Amelia!

Amelia EarHEART Wine Box Tote Scarf

Amelia EarHEART Wine Box Tote Scarf

Step 5: Add the Handle

You can really add any kind of handle you want, but we decided to make it as easy as possible and simply take three thick pieces of yarn and braid them together. We tied it to each side of our box and called it good.

Wine Box Tote Handle

Wine Box Tote Handle

Now all you have to do is add your box of wine and you are ready to give your Galentine the ultimate gift or just be the best party guest ever!

If you liked this tutorial, check out our tutorial on how to make a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wine Tote, my tutorial on how to make a Frida Kahlo Plant Cozy and my tutorial on how to make a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Coffee Cozy. All three of those projects make excellent DIY gifts for your favorite girlfriends!

We hope you had as much fun (and as much wine!) as we did!

And don’t forget, if you have an idea for a fun feminist craft project, leave me a comment below so that we can start working on it!

You plane make our hearts soar,

Ash & Beth

Beth and Ashley

Beth and Ashley