DIY Valentine For Your Galentine: A Ruth Bader Ginsburg Coffee Cozy

It’s January 21st, which means I officially have the best head start on Valentine’s Day that I have ever had.

I have the most amazing tribe of women around me. I have known that I have a wonderful circle of friends for a long time but the last year and a half, following my water breaking at 28 weeks with my last baby and the subsequent long term hospitalization, has shown me more than ever that I have amazing friends who will do anything for me.

So this year, Valentine’s Day is all about my Galentines! Galentine’s Day originates from the show Parks and Recreation where main character (and lady idol herself), Leslie Knope, throws her annual Galentine’s Day party for her friends on the day before Valentine’s Day. And really, there should be a day dedicated to our girlfriends! So this year, I am spending some time creating custom DIY projects for the ladies in my life that I love to show them just how much they inspire me. And of course …the projects themselves are also inspired by some of the most amazing women in history.

Up first, a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dissent Collar Coffee Cozy.

RBG Dissent Collar Coffee Cozy

RBG Dissent Collar Coffee Cozy

And of course you can check out the entire tutorial with my extra tips and tricks here:

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Here is the list of supplies you will need for this project:

RBG Coffee Cozy Supply List

RBG Coffee Cozy Supply List

First you need to cut out your felt. I am using a standard coffee cup so my piece of felt needs to be 10 x 3 inches. If you want to see how I came up with my measurements so that you can adjust your design to fit a custom cup - check out my youtube tutorial.

You can get three coffee cozies out of one piece of 9 x 12 in felt. Save the 2 inch strip from the edge because it will become the fastener through your cup’s handle.

Now it is time to sew on your sequins!

To make a guide for my sequins, I cut a piece of tracing paper out that was the same size as my piece of felt. I folded the tracing paper in half and then in half again and again a total of 4 times. Then I pinned my tracing paper to my felt and used each crease line as my guide for sewing on the sequins. I used two different sizes of sequins to replicate RBG’s Dissent Collar variation.

Once you have your sequins sewn on, you are ready to add your strip of fabric and button to the back of your cozy.

Because it is Valentine’s Day - Or Galentine’s Day, I decided to use heart shaped buttons for my closure.

Simply cut your extra strip of fabric down to 3 inches long (so it is now 3 x 2 in) and then sew it to one edge of your cozy. Sew your button on the other edge and then while it is wrapped around your coffee mug, mark where you need to cut the slit in your felt closure piece to make a button hole. Cut your button hole and you are done. It really is that easy.

Stay tuned for more Galentine’s Day Projects and if you loved this RBG project make sure you check out my “winespired” RBG Elf on the Shelf Tutorial: Elf Bader Ginsburg!

This Galentine’s Gift is going out to my favorite RBG crafting partner in wine, Beth. She makes quite a few amazing appearances in my tutorials, so you probably already love her too!

Beth and I turning my Elf on the Shelf into RBG herself!

Beth and I turning my Elf on the Shelf into RBG herself!