DIY a Tie Felt Leaf Christmas Garland that Puts other DIY Garland To Shame

There are few things at Christmas time that I love more than garland and this super easy felt tie garland is the best. garland. ever.

One day I was perusing felt projects on Pinterest (as I often do) and I kept seeing tutorials for tons of cute tie felt garlands. And then it hit me like a garland epiphany. If I just clipped the ends of the tie pieces to look like leaves - I could make the most amazing felt leaf garland ever. I have made felt leaf garlands before and always felt like they came out kind of flimsy looking. But this garland - this garland is thick, full and even easier to make.


1 yard of felt (I prefer heathered wool felts. You are already saving a ton of money so don’t skimp and work with flat colored craft felts!0

Twine (or yarn or any kind of string)


Wine (everyone needs wine while crafting right?? Ok this one is optional).

For the complete tutorial check out this video!

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