DIY A Live Evergreen Garland From The Trimmings Of your Christmas Tree!

For years I have been begging my husband to bring all of the extra trimmings home after we cut our Christmas Tree down. And for years….they have been left outside to collect snow. But this year I finally made my very own live evergreen garland out of my trimmings! It is beautiful and fragrant…and I will never go back to the faux greenery!

This garland is basically free to make as long as you have access to evergreen tree trimmings. If you don’t cut your own Christmas Tree down each year, ask around! Most people aren’t using their tree trimmings and would happily give them a new home!


  • Evergreen Tree Trimmings. (How much you need will depend on how long of a garland you want to make. I used about 5 branches for my garland which measures about 16 feet long. (BTW, my local landscape center sells this for $2-$3 a foot so my garland would have cost me at least $35 to buy!)

  • Green Floral Wire

  • Wire Cutter

  • Something to Cut the Tree Branches (I used a scissors because it was handy but I am sure there was a better way!)

I decorated my garland with orange slices that I dehydrated in my oven!

Here are the three easy steps to making your own live evergreen garland:

Step One: Trim the branches from your tree cuttings. You are looking for pieces that are mostly straight. In order for your garland to drape nicely you don’t want any pieces with large or stiff stems. You will more opportunities later to perfect the shape of your garland so don’t be too particular right now.

Step Two: Lay your branches down on the ground overlapping each piece as you go and securing them with wire. Since your wire is green, you can be very liberal and it will blend in wonderfully!

Continue to layer branches and secure them with wire, filling in any sparse spots with smaller cuttings and trimming any unruly spots where needed.

Since I find it much easier to assemble my garland while hanging, I only want to get enough for the top of my door frame done while I am here on the ground. Once I have enough I am ready to hang my garland and start adding branches down the side.

Step Three: Once your garland is hung, continue to use your wire to assemble your garland down the sides. Focus first on your desired length and then go back in and fill in any areas that are sparse. Your garland can be any length you want, but I found that I needed at least some length to my garland to give it some weight and help it drape nicely.

Don’t be too much of a perfectionist! There is perfection in the natural state of these real evergreen branches!

This live evergreen garland really does look so much better than faux garland. I’ll never go back to the fake stuff!

You can watch my complete step-by-step tutorial on making your own live evergreen garland here!

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Happy Garlanding!