DIY Pom Poms: The Perfect Way to Adorn a Present

Every Christmas I choose a theme for my gift wrapping. Since I am obsessed with pom poms this year, it was a very clear choice that they would definitely be the best way to adorn my presents.


  • Yarn

  • Something to wrap your yarn around. I used a cake plate in this tutorial. For a large number of poms in one color two chairs work great.

  • Scissors

  • Comb (optional for making the poms fuzzier).

Watch the step-by-step process and see my beautiful Christmas gifts in the full tutorial below.

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Step One:

Wrap your yarn around your chairs or cake plate (or whatever you are using to wind your yarn). The number of times you need to go around depends on how big you are making your pom poms and how thick your yarn is. For the nickel size pom poms I use for garland I go around about 50 times. For the larger pom poms like I used in my tree skirt tutorial, I go around about 80-90 times. For the teal pom poms I am making today I went around 75 times with my yarn.

Step Two:

Tie a piece of yarn around your wound yarn pieces in even increments. These will become the centers of your pom poms. Make sure you tie them nice and tight! I usually double knot it my string.

Step Three:

Remove the yarn from whatever you were using to wind it up. In between each set of ties you will cut directly through the middle. Keep going until they are all cut out!

Step Four:

Manipulate the yarn until it is in a nice round ball. Trim off any long pieces or misshapen areas. If you want a fuzzier pom pom, use a comb to rough up the yarn pieces.

Step Five:

Tie them on your presents and enjoy!

I love them so much I can’t stop coming up with new DIY pom pom projects so be sure to check back often!

Happy Pom Pom making!