High Risk OB - My DIY Renaissance.

At exactly 28 weeks gestation with my third baby my water broke.

I had no idea what was happening. I went to the hospital because something told me things weren’t quite right but I still didn't believe things were that wrong.

I joked with the nurses as I was wheeled up to OB triage about how stupid I would feel when I realized I had just peed my pants a little.

But even at 28 weeks I wasn’t that big. Not big enough to lose my bladder control surely!

So when the doctor came in to tell me that my water had in fact broken and that labor was likely imminent my world came crashing down.

First I had to get my husband there (because I had of course driven myself in complete denial). And then even once I got him there, I told him he could go home because I figured I would be there for awhile, and he couldn’t live at at the hospital with me after all (we have two other kids).

Thankfully what I didn’t know then was that 60% of women have their babies within 24 hours of their water breaking and 90% of women have their babies within a week of their water breaking. The odds were against me. But I hadn’t quite grasped that yet.

But (and here is where I get to my DIY motivation), I did make it. I lasted 43 days on hospital bed rest in the High Risk OB unit. I could only stand up to walk the two feet to my bathroom and then go back to bed, Every single day was scary. But, it gave me an unlmited amount of time to perfect my hand crafts. I watched endless DIY tutrorials. I had daily goals of things I would create. And for the first time in my life, if I didn’t get it just right, I started over…because I had all the time in the world that I planned to sit right there and bake that baby.

I call it my renaissance in DIY.

And here I am today, a very reluctant housewife (because this preemie can’t go to daycare yet), just trying to make the word DIY better.



My View. Every. Single. Day. for 43 days.

My View. Every. Single. Day. for 43 days.