Styling a Bookshelf by Color Grouping

I am a big time sucker for colors grouped together.


When we first moved in to this historic house a few years ago, the very first thing I styled was this large built in bookcase in our foyer. Both my husband and I are avid readers and book collectors and I finally had a place to display (a majority) of our book collection.

But how should I organize and display them?

By color of course!

It is always more striking to group things by color. A few odd placed red bound books become a vivid red stack of books and the stacks upon stacks of black and white bound architecture magazines my husband refuses to toss becomes a statement.

This bookcase hardly goes unnoticed by guests and its the colors that set it apart.

Of course you can only find the book you want if you remember the color of the binding! :)

Make it Bright and Colorful!