Dehydrated Orange Slice Ornaments

This Christmas is all about Hygge.

Dehydrating Orange Slices


The Danish word for a mood or coziness and a comfortable way of living that evokes feelings of wellness and contentment.

I loved Hygge before I knew what Hygge was. To me it is all about family, togetherness and the feeling of a home filled with love. But it isn’t just a “staged” feeling. It comes from the way our home is lived in. When I think about Christmas and togetherness..I think of MAKING ORNAMENTS TOGETHER!


Imagine sitting by the fire with your kids (who might rarely have the time of day for you anymore!) sipping on hot cocoa and stringing popcorn garland. And now imagine it with the delicious scent of oranges drying in the oven. It really doesn’t get better than this.

What is even better about these orange slice ornaments is that once you slice them and put them in the oven, you can walk away and spend the rest of the day enjoying your kids (or making more and more DIY Christmas crafts!)


For everything you need to know about dehydrating orange slices for your own very Hygge Christmas ornaments watch my video tutorial!

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Let’s get started!


  • Oranges (as many as you want to make!)

  • Knife and Cutting Board

  • Sheet Pan

  • String or Wire for hanging your ornaments

Slice your oranges in thin slices. You want them to be thin enough that they don’t take FOREVER to dry but not so thin that they break easily.

Lay them out in a single layer on your pan.

Put them in the oven. My oven has a dehydrate mode but if yours doesn’t, set your oven to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and turn the fan on in your oven if you have one.

My oranges took 7 hours to dehydrate fully and I flipped them one time half way through. Your oranges are done with they are no longer sticky! If they are sticky put them back in!

PRO TIP from a busy mom: you don’t need to dry them all at one time! I took mine out of the oven to make dinner and put them back in the next day!

When you are done string them up and start decorating. I loved them so much I put them EVERYWHERE!


Merry Christmas!