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Hi! I’m Ashley Thompson, the Winespired DIY-er behind this blog.  

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High Risk OB and Becoming a Preemie Momma: My DIY Renaissance Period


One day my world came to a crashing halt when my water broke at just 28 weeks.

After 43 days of hospital bedrest, almost 6 weeks in the NICU and quitting my job to stay home with this babe and protect his compromised preemie immune system from germs - we are all doing well and thriving.

But this - is what I call my DIY Renaissance Period. I have always gravitated towards art and design and I have always been a delusional DIYer. But, 43 days of not being able to get out of bed gave me a new form of patience and unlimited time to scour the internet and teach myself new crafts. And for once in my life, I had the time to get. things. right.

And after being a stay at home mom for awhile - as joyous as it is - I felt like I needed more, but I still wasn’t able to put Fox in daycare. And that is where this blog and my youtube channel were born.

Stick with me, and we will raise these babies AND make the world a better DIY place.

Read all of my story and get my first hand take on how to survive hospital bedrest and the NICU here.

 A Very Merry DIY Christmas

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